Join Gail Davidson, Kathryn Harmer Fox & Liza Signorino on a journey to re-tune your mind, body, and spirit and find a new rhythm at this Prana Wellness Escape.

Meander along a wooden pathway through an overhanging forest of trees and bird song. Fold onto a luxurious bed of carpets and begin to breathe.
Ease into a day of inner balance, sensory delight, laughter and perhaps even some tears but definitely many, many new perspectives.
Stand back and look at yourself and the way you live in a new light.

Liza Signorino will guide your body into a lighter place of balance and quiet.

Gail Davidson will feed your senses with delicious delight.

Kathryn Harmer Fox will lightly expand your mind with new coping tools.


"Thank you so much for a wonderful day of fun, laughter, physical and mental stimulation as well as spiritual. I had a huge sigh of contentment just now! Everything was just perfect!", Adrian Fouche.

"I'm still glowing, thank you to everyone for being part of the group. It was my first retreat and I loved the experience!", Penny Niemand.

"Thank you for the wonderful day spent enjoying the surrounds, experiences new thoughts, being totally involved with body and mind in Yoga and meditation and laughing with wonderful people whom we had never met before. It was great! Thank you so very much for being the person you are - so giving of so much love, knowledge and kindness.  It was a privilege to spend time with you and share your knowledge in such wonderful surroundings. A day to remember!", Bobette Stokoe